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Mother Dog Studios founder and artist in residence, John Runnels, is one of the participating artists in Sculpture Month Houston 2021.

Sculpture Month Houston 2021

Altamira: The Primal Urge To Create

October 9 - December 4, 2021

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

SITE Gallery

The Silos at Sawyer Yards

1502 Sawyer Street, Suite 400

Houston, TX 77007


17,000 or so years ago in Altamira, in Northern Spain, prehistoric man created these magnificent and now famous cave paintings. Along with early carvings made out of animal bones or mammoth ivory these paintings and similar ones discovered in Lascaux or Chauvet can be considered the origin of art as we know it today.

Participating artists sit back and picture themselves as cave artists, but with the entire array of modern technology at their disposal. They will try to explore and tie into this ”primal urge to create” that compelled our ancestors to become curious about the human existence and to transform their observations into tangible images.

As a fitting background, the architecture of the Silos represents an urban cave environment that provides a near authentic experience with its 34 individual art spaces, dark passage ways, mysterious side chambers and dramatic scale shifts.


Participating artists:

Ariel Bowman, Robin Baker, Christyn Overstake, Justin Boyd, Elaine Bradford, Emily Link, Susan Budge, Larry Graeber, Suguru Hiraide, Allison Hunter, Kathy Kelley, Cindee Klement, Sue Anne Rische, John Runnels, Shawn Smith, Anthony Suber, Damon Thomas, and Nestor Topchy

Ambient Avenues Performing Arts Series Presented By Chapel In The Sky

Ambient Avenues is an expanded performing arts series that merges living artists who create music, poetry, dance, and performance with living visual artists with an emphasis on instillation and video art.


Performances will occur on select Saturdays at 3:15pm after the 2pm tour and artist talks in The Silos.


Performers include:

Nestor Topchy, RJSH, Texas New Music Ensemble, Chapel in the Sky, Houston's Poet Laureate: Outspoken Bean

For more information, please visit


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